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ОСМ 2020

28 - 31 ЯНВАРЯ 2020 ГОДА МОСКВА | ЦВК “Экспоцентр”

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Left Blank

De Boer - Nederlands -
A brick wants to be more than just a brick

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Стенд De Boer - Nederlands

De Boer Machines manufactures and installs brick a wide range of presses to produce the so-called “soft-mud” bricks, bricks that have automatically been shaped in mould boxes. By this method, premium quality facing bricks and pavers are produced, either with a soft-sanded face or bricks with the typical “hand-moulded” look. Also “waterstruck” type bricks can be produced. De Boer also supplies auxiliary equipment like box feeders, clay mixers, all types of conveyor systems, dust extraction systems and water treatment systems. Furthermore pallet & brick handling systems and kiln car cleaners are products of De Boer machines.

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