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Facil Ceram - France -
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Стенд Facil Ceram - France

: FACIL CERAM France is an engineering company managed by a team of engineers coming from ceramic production in the field of red fired clay and refractory products (bricks, roofing tiles, refractory pieces…)
FACIL CERAM business is:
- Studies and engineering of complete plants
- Raw materials preparation equipment
- Shaping and pressing equipment
- Rapid dryers
- Chamber dryers
- Modernization of existing plants
- Tunnel kiln and dryer automatic regulation
- Kiln cars
- Automatic handling
- Studies of raw materials
- Faisability studies
- Assembly supervision and putting into service of equipments
- Audit, diagnostic and bring up to standard studies
- Spare parts
The years of experience acquired on many sites all around the world, by FACIL CERAM ingineers allow to bring the up to date technology, not only in the field of fired clay products, but also for the design of new process.

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