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Stafier Holland B.V. -
the supporting company

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Стенд Stafier Holland B.V. С-501

Stafier Holland produces drying pallets for the ceramic industry, for bricks as well as for roof tiles. With focus on research and development Stafier translates the requirements of their clients into well-thought out designs that are tailor made to the client’s manufacturing process. Their knowledge and experience of drying processes are unique, so the Stafier specialists will find the right, affordable drying solution in metal for every type and shape of roof tile – and this includes specials, such as multi, reversible and individual supports.
Stafier products have the highest level of quality. The company uses the latest computer controlled equipment and has among other things its own tool shop and logistics department.
Perfect sizing and excellent value for money – this is what makes Stafier’s products so attractive. Their sophisticated, automated manufacturing process guarantees a perfect product every time.
Furthermore Stafier supplies BIPV roofing systems.
This year Stafier will share the stand with De Boer Machines. This company is active in designing, constructing, erecting and commissioning of customised installations and machinery.

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Адрес: Marconistraat 35-37, 6902 PC, Zevenaar / the Netherlands
Телефон: +31 316 332741
E-mail: info@stafier.com
Выставка ОСМ 2016 – «Отечественные Строительные Материалы»
26-29 января 2016 года, ЦВК «Экспоцентр»
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119002, Москва, улица Арбат, дом 35, 4 этаж
Тел.: +7 (495) 925-6561 / 62